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How to Occur in Occurrence?

The book I am reading these days is called Buddha in the Attic. I am 24 plus 2 days. It rained a lot today. The house I live in has a backyard garden where real vegetables grow. A green canopy allows for shadowed and humid sits on the rusting chairs. I smoked a single slim from a pack I received in December. When you haven't smoked in a long time, a single slim can really move you. The Winter Melons hanging from the canopy have grown so large they needed to be supported by a cloth. Yellow, brown, weary pieces of textiles are wrapped in support. It's like the melons are standing stuck on a swing. Maybe they call this balance.

Yesterday, as I was going down to Coney Island, there was a heavy shower. Mina and I stood in a candy shop to wait it out but we grew hungry and ran across to Dunkin for a donut. When it stopped and everyone seemed to have abandoned the beach, we carried on. It was a day where I was to model and she was to photograph. I had just bought a new lens and she had just bought a new body.

Upon looking at the photographs, I couldn't help but express how I was not able to recognize this womanly human frozen in startling poses. I wonder if I surprised other people too other than myself. Unable to recognize a body your own is quite an alarming thing.

But anyway, welcome to this website. To this blog. I will try to keep this as classy as possible.



A Photo from the shoot:

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