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Love Sonnet For Earth,  Solo Exhibition, Richter Libraries, University of Miami, Florida, 2023.

Splendid Lightness, Poetry Film, Director, Writer, Editor, Canes Film Festival, Miami Florida, 2023

A Manual (Or Memoir)..., The International Video Poetry Festival in Athens,  2021.

“Don’t Put Baby In A Registry,” Museum of Contemporary Art (COMO), Lahore, Pakistan, December 2020.

A Manual (Or Memoir)..., Midwest Poetry Film Festival, Wisconsin Madison, November 2020.

Faces of Dissociation, New York City, Canvas Gallery, SlowBurn, November 2020.

Charades, “Send Me Across the Sea" Happy Alligator Art Collective, New York City, January 2021. 

Falling Out, Video Poem, for Visual Poetry Project, New York City, April 2020.

Street Fatale, Volume 4: Lights and Shadows Exhibition, Ivy Hall, San Antonio, Texas, 2020.

A Manual (Or Memoir)..., The Magic Flooot 3, Screening, Tomato Mouse, NYC, 2019.

7 Photopoems, IDK Magazine, 2019.​

Verse Paintings, PatchWorks Gallery, NYC, 2019.

5 photopoems, group exhibition at Thursday Boot Factory, NYC, June 2018.

Tentative, Video Poem, Tumbleweed Art Gallery, NYC, September 2017.

Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, Video Poem, Screening, Bennington College, VT, 2017.

Time Rests, Exhausted, In Memory, Video Poem, Screening, Bennington College, VT, 2017.

A Manual (Or Memoir)... Video Poem, Screening, Excerpt, Bennington, VT, 2017.

A Noiseless Patient Spider, Video Poem, published at, 2016.


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