January 17, 2020

In this basement office, I am considered lucky for my corner desk because its sits next to the only window on the floor. Depending on my sleep level or the day in the week, the office lights shift in their piercing. Even in winter, the AC is on, for the basement is always near some boiler that runs the whole building, and, despite such machines, we are still put next to them, breathing the dust and rust, squinting at screens.

Yes. I am in New York City. Even though many times I have to step up and say that I am in New! York! City! but it doesn't matter where one is, if there is routine, there is burnt out, if there is human, there is a focus on the hollow.

The book I am reading these days is Swing Time by Zadie Smith. It's my first Zadie Smith. I have started seeing a th...

January 10, 2019

I have managed to collect many drafts behind this blog over the course of a few months. Every prose piece written is so full of doubt. They tower like a badly constructed robot in need of a billon repairs. I must let them leave my nest.

I am currently reading "The Wolves" By Sarah DeLappe. Ten days ago, I went to Nashville, Tennessee to visit my older brother and his wife, Sarah, for ten days. It is hard to love and hate Nashville for Nashville, for me, has become devoid of its identity as a city and have become more of a settlement for home and family. Writing this, I am nostalgic of my visit and miss the warmth of the two cats that accompanied me to bed every night, who somehow had the ability to turn on the magnificent television at an odd time, who are named after t...

August 12, 2018

The book I am reading these days is called Buddha in the Attic. I am 24 plus 2 days. It rained a lot today. The house I live in has a backyard garden where real vegetables grow. A green canopy allows for shadowed and humid sits on the rusting chairs. I smoked a single slim from a pack I received in December. When you haven't smoked in a long time, a single slim can really move you. The Winter Melons hanging from the canopy have grown so large they needed to be supported by a cloth. Yellow, brown, weary pieces of textiles are wrapped in support. It's like the melons are standing stuck on a swing. Maybe they call this balance. 

Yesterday, as I was going down to Coney Island, there was a heavy shower. Mina and I stood in a candy shop to wait it out but we grew hungry and r...

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