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In a series of four sessions, prospective students will be mentored and workshopped towards an excellent packet of poems and a personal statement to apply successfully for the upcoming MFA cycle.

Students will be mentored individually to empower their strengths and improve on their weaknesses. The instructor also guarantees recommendation letters if needed.


Registration deadline: On-going

4 class sessions scheduled flexibly from 1st November

Cost: $300

(Financial Help Available for International Students and BIPOC)



Ayesha Raees identifies herself as a hybrid creating hybrid poetry through hybrid forms. Raees currently serves as an Assistant Poetry Editor at AAWW's The Margins and has received fellowships from Asian American Writers' Workshop, Brooklyn Poets, and Kundiman. Her debut “Coining A Wishing Tower” won the  Broken River Prize, judged by Kaveh Akbar, and is published by Platypus Press.  She is a recent graduate from the MFA program at University of Miami in Poetry, has had residencies at UNESCO creative cities, Millay Colony For the Arts and elsewhere.


Raees has been admitted to several MFA programs, has worked extensively in academia as well as the contemporary literary landscape in both publishing and literary cultural spaces.




Prepare a strong packet of poems (new, old, or revised) to submit to your MFA programs.


What is better for you? Low-Res VS Full Time? Fully Funded? Fellowships? Scholarships?

Receive 1-1 mentorship, resources, and intel regarding different MFA programs.


The instructor will focus on individual areas you can grow on. From needing help generating strong new work to workshopping towards a strong packet of poems to finding the right programs for you-- the instructor will cater to your needs accordingly.


Draft your personal statement and get workshopped by the instructor.


You will have access to ample material (such as personal statements etc.) from previously successful candidates to aid you in your own success.


If you need a recommendation letter, you will be guaranteed one from the instructor.


Four weekly sessions scheduled with ample flexibility.




  • Classes will be held on zoom or Google Meets. 

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