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Prints will be on:

8 x 10 and 230 gsm on premium matte paper.

4 x 6 postcard. 



35mm b&w film 

on 8x10 matte fibre paper [original]

with black and white ink. 



About the work:

"Finding God In A Hollowed City" is a series of PhotoPoems which captures a seeking, a scavenging, and a gradual settling for a solace from a physical, emotional, and political displacement. The film camera acts as a moment of capture of a cityscape that doesn’t still, the ink on the fibre photo -paper acts to connect the dots of arbitrary into personal choice and consequence. To give meaning where there is no meaning promises the self a sense to  find a God in people, places, and things. 


The photographs are taken in New York City in January 2018 and have been developed and printed throughout the year at Newburgh Community Photo Project and Millay Colony For The Arts.




In My Language, There is a Lot of Calling Home

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