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8 x 10, 230 gsm Premium Matte 

8.5 x 11, 165 gsm Matte [Limited]

4 x 6 postcard. 


About the work:

Faces of Dissociation
Acrylic, thread, paper, pencil on canvas

Ever since young, due to constant displacement and an environmental isolation, I have disassociated. In situations of cope, I have found myself split, with a gaze looking at me from the outside, and Iooking at it from my physical body. These occurring hasalways been normal. Sometimes even helpful in my creative endeavors (my disassociated self as a camera in the corner oran attendee in an audience while I am on a stage). These series focuses on a mental health ailment that works both on willand on trigger, and explores it as a console as well as a conflict.


The 8x10 represents a blank page. The paintings begin with versesand writing on a blank canvas. It is then covered with scraps of paper of my notes/sketches of my research on disassociation asa disorder and way of being. Then the they are painted on. The paper, at the end, is removed, revealing the negative spaces that represents the face. These portraits balance, therefore, between a poem and an image, manifested or triggered. The thread is always in three-s. The straight lines of the thread represents a tercet of a poem. In prosody, a tercet allows for imbalance which asks for continuation. An ‘odd’ number, it remains asking for completion, in either a forward or backwards. In conjoin or destroy.

Against Probability

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